In order not to exclude people that do not talk/read Swedish I have below written a short English basic version about me and my services.

If you are interested in my services, just contact me via either email (info@levmera.nu) or via phone (072-5051105) and I will explain my services more in detail.

About me

My name is Lars, but I am usually called Lasse.

I have started this coachning business of my own in order to guide/coach other people to dare to meet what stands in the way for starting to live their lives More…and Now !

I am a certified sexsibilitycoach which means that I have done an education (both 2008-2009 and then again 2013-2014) where I as a base have met myself, challenged and let go of many of my own blockages and inibitions within sexuality and closeness. I have challenged my own shame and guilt, experienced my feelings and embraced my own fears. During the education I have also participated/experienced many practical excercises that I now can apply practically during coaching.

I have my own experiences of how to do to feel more alive, how to get a full life in terms of love and sexuality, and I can coach others to find it too.

Beeing a sexsibility coach, I am very safe and secure within myself, my feelings and my sexuality. I therefore dare to be close to myself, life and other people. This means I can create the safe space and support for You as a client. A space where You can feel that it is allowed for You to be who You really are and to feel what You feel. You have the possibility to start enjoying more, daring to be close and to feel more alive!


I perform sexsibility coaching of people who want to live more alive in their own lives, but for various reasons experience difficulties and fear that restrict them from living alive…NOW!

There are many different reasons why people do not live their lives in the way they really want or wish. It is impossible to change the causes earlier in life that have formed a human beeing, but the resulting fears and obstacles that now stand in the way for living life fully can be challenged/met and embraced. You can dare to stand those fears….and then a new chapter in Your life begins! It all starts with an insight about how things are right NOW!

As a sexsibilitycoach I create the safe space and coach You using talk and exercises where You can get more present and have the chance to get insights and then in Your own pace dare to challenge and meet exactly what You need to meet in order to be able to live Your life as You wish to live it!

All kinds of people are welcome independently of origin, sex och sexual preferences. Couples too are welcome!

I live close to Linköping and offer sexsibility coachning sessions at my place for singles or Couples. I can also offer to perform coaching sessions in Your home within Östergötland if You have a suitable room/location that will work practically.

I visit Stockholm on a regular basis and can therefore offer coaching sessions also in Hökarängen (also at Your place within Stockholm if everything practical will work)

The Senses Massage (Sexsibility Whole Body massage/Tantramassage)

This massage can in short words be summarized as a massage where:

  • the WHOLE body/human/feelings/energies are included
  • the focus is on relaxation and pleasure
  • the sexual energy is allowed to be present and is allowed to be expressed
  • safe and secure with communicated limits and contents
  • You can experience deep contact with Your body and soul

“Hug Service”

Touch and closeness are unfortunately rare for many people in our today´s society. In many cases, people long for to just be held/hugged for a while in order to feel human warmth and fellowship. It is not always easy to ask another person, possibly a stranger, for a hug, as that simple question often is misinterpreted as an invitation with further expectations and demands for more…an invitation you did not have in mind..You just want to be held/hugged…nothing else !

I therefore offer something I call “Hug Service” , where You can be held/hugged by me in the way You want/whish/need and beeing 100% free from any demands/expectations!

The “Hug service” is 1 hour and includes a short talk as the start, the “hug” as You want it and at the end we also have a short talk. (We of course stop the “hug service” whenever You feel You dont want to continue)